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The beginning of a new food revolution – Goshoppe

"The magic filled with nutrition, health & organic food".

Wondering what Fitjar’s mean? It’s simply a  innovative grocery & food start-up that comes as a boom to  online shopping enthusiast. The unending desire of ours in serving the best quality products drive us to work unremitted. We believe that no product can match the nutrition and essence served by the Mother Nature thus; we bring to you the fruit of nature in its unadulterated form.

 Fitjars takes pride in providing handcrafted products across vast category of spreads, smoothies, granola, health drinks and beverages, nuts and spices. Boasting ourselves is not our cup of tea instead; we bring you the best products. The skilled workforce and determined management work together in bringing the best product out. We have about 150 + products in our portfolio today and are rapidly expanding across all the categories.


Our Vision

Provide utmost quality healthy and nutritious food to our customers that taste splendid and also a easy catch in their routine.To be one of the best companies in India in the segment of ‘Health & Nutrition’ by providing supreme quality nutritious products that tastes extremely well.  


Our Tale

A big business is not one, which has loads of investments instead has a big idea. Goshoppe was born from one such naïve idea; an idea to bring the taste and fitness together. Shiva always wondered how fitness devotes has to compromise taste and how foodies have to comprise health. His idea of bringing tasty food & health together packed ready for raiding gave birth to Fitjar’s in 2016. Shiva a fitness and food enthusiast himself believes that a healthy lifestyle goes beyond gym workouts and requires a balanced mental & physical health, via nutrition supplements & pleasing taste.


Our Services

Food comprises a big part of healthy lifestyle and in today's fast-paced life, extra care on what we eat is essential. Fitjars is at service providing healthy food to the consumers at your doorstep. As a brand, Fitjars offers a wholesome healthy array of food options for your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner or anything in-between that.Starting with creamy spreads but not restricted to soft spreads as we have salted and crunchy varieties as well. The vitamin and protein filled nut jars, the healthy granolas and the smooth smoothies.  Our yogurt and health drinks are of supreme quality.All the products are prepared with top class ingredients responsibly sourced from manufacturers that exclusively work with us. The various essences and flavors we offer for each product are top notch.The limits of our company are something, which we want to rule out at every instance all but in a single goal of being the best.Our services also include Robust ordering and delivery system across India and London. Most important of all we care and ensure prompt Customer service and satisfaction.

 Know Us Better

Fitjars naïve idea blossomed and as a team, we all worked on bringing out the best of everything. Right from the website to designs, transportation of raw materials to delivering the premium quality products to costumers & maintaining quality to preserve the aroma of nature, we worked unrelenting and the result is Goshoppe. 

We offer a wide range of foods and all fall under same category-Goodness. For fitness lovers who might be missing delicious food, Fitjars whole list of notorious supplement is an un-ignorable deal. The salted and crunchy spreads & the blended spreads; raw nuts & roasted nuts and salted variety of all; we are not limited to this as granolas & smoothies add the rest glamour.

There are three things we love the most, our customers, our customer’s health, our customer’s taste and we indeed endeavor upholding this by all the means. Never know if you would find a company who would charge your pocket so less delivering such fantastic at your doorstep.

Our Ethics

Fair and honest – The food we serve is all about health and nutrition and we go extra mile to make sure that you get the best – we do not add any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives & taste enhancers– We love to bring you the pure taste of natural food.Excellence in everything we do – Be it our architecture for website or order delivery or product innovation, we strive for excellence and we achieve by our work. All our decisions are thoughtfully executed keeping in mind long-term sustainability and customer happiness.

Customer Obsession – We understand the needs of today’s generation and there fast-paced life. Our products cater to fixing the nutritional and health needs to today’s generation. Our unwavering team work ultimately on a single goal i.e. customer satisfaction.

The Naïve Idea

Bringing nutrition and health together might not be a new idea, but bringing them together in the purest form at a marginal price is a shot to remember. Once when a perfect ideas meets a right team the result would be brilliant; the same thing came out as Goshoppe.

We were toddlers

The initial struggle of making out the best product did not go vain as the best team put together their efforts in shaping each product fabulous both in and out. The team of three took heed of each element with extra care right from the ingredients to bookmarks. The trails finally were ready and the feedback was overwhelming giving us the necessary boost to skyrocket our pace.

Setting things right

The rollercoaster journey of up and downs had finally fallen at pace. We began to marvel and thank the nature for giving us such splendid ingredients to make our pollution free healthy food. Goshoppe  face our website and the manufacturing unit and our products everything fell at pace and finally we are here in the market as a new age awesomeness.

Sky rocketing the pace

Once we started climbing the ladder there was no looking back. In a record time of a few months after winding up the detail background work, our team got the all recipes in place.  We launched six categories with 100+ products and each in different flavors. Our tie up with logistics for delivery boosted our confidence in utmost customer satisfaction. Goshoppe unremitting work ramped up on every aspect of business to launch in Jan 2018. The team also did a soft launch at a premier kid’s school in Hyderabad. The idea of filling an ocean of thoughts, flew out, and shaped as our Fitjars towers supplying 1000s of jars every day.