Delivery Information

How do I book a delivery slot?

Book your delivery slot by clicking on ‘Book a delivery slot’. Choose from the list of delivery slot to book your delivery date and time. You can also order your items up to three weeks in advance. You can book your slot even after you have checked out.

Click on ‘Special offers’ and checkout our new special deals!

Also take a look at your ‘Favourites’ section to enjoy special discounted offers.

How do I checkout?

You can checkout simply by clicking on the ‘Checkout’ button. Please make sure you enter all your details correctly, along with the delivery date and time. Review all your products before checking out by clicking on “View full basket” button. You can make any changes in the items in the checkout point.


Using the website, rather than the mobile app?

Click on ‘substitutions’ and get alternatives for your items you want. Review your pricing details and add any suggestions to the picker if you want. Once satisfied, tap on ‘checkout’. Fill in your payment details and press ‘Proceed to payment’. Confirm you order and your work is done.

How do I add or amend substitution notes?

In case you cannot find a product you can write substitution notes to your personal shopper by clicking on the 'view full basket' button on the right of the screen at the bottom of your basket.Click on the row of the product in the 'substitution note' column, then write your note.

Note: This feature is available on the website only.

How do I add or amend picker notes?

You can add or change notes to your personal picker by selecting the 'View full basket' button at the bottom of the basket area. Click on any product on which you want to give special instructions to the picker.

How my shopping is picked and packed?

At Goshoppe, we believe in making your life easy. We deliver the best quality of products as our trained shoppers pick every item with extreme care. Our professional shoppers follow your instructions and choose the products that are up to the mark.



How do I amend the number of products in my basket?      

You can change the amount of items in your shopping cart by simply clicking on 'View full basket'. You can make adjustments in the quantity by pressing the increase (+) or decrease (-) buttons.

Processing the update may take some time

What credit card / debit cards do you accept for payment?

Following are the credit/debit cards that we accept at Goshoppe:

·         Visa,

·         MasterCard,

·         American Express,

·         Maestro, Visa Debit & Credit card

Are the prices on the website and mobile app the same as in-store prices?

Goshoppe aims to deliver quality produce at prices similar to those at stores. However prices may vary as we advertise promotions one day prior to show the forthcoming offers. The price you pay is the price of the product on that particular day of the delivery. 

Payment for the delivery is made at the time of delivery.

What is the guide price?

We cannot guarantee the total price that you have to pay (Guide price) because:

·         The prices may vary between the placement and delivery of the order.

·         Loose items such as fruits and vegetables are charged according to the weight, change in weight of loose item may result in change in prices.

·         Pre-packed, weighed  items including, meat, poultry etc. may also show variation in prices

·         If you cannot find your desired product, we always offer a substitute product.

What is the minimum basket charge?


If your basket value* is under Rs1000 then a minimum basket charge of Rs.50 will be added to all your online orders. Making changes in the basket will apply or remove the minimum basket charge accordingly. 

In case of refunding the order, the minimum basket charge will also be refunded at the same time.

You will earn Club card points on the minimum basket charge. When you checkout, if you've incurred the charge, your additional points will be added there and then (its not complete)

How is my order confirmed?

After you have checked out, you will receive a conformation e-mail comprising of all the details regarding the quantity and the guide price of the items you have ordered.  You can ask the delivery driver for any further details about your products.

How do I get a receipt?

After delivering your order at your doorstep, our delivery driver will provide you with a detailed delivery receipt.

Our privacy and security policy

You can completely trust Goshoppe as our Secure Server Software encodes your credit card information in the safest way. We keep all your transaction completely safe and secure.